This is an outsourced service for your business through one-time or regular services of specialised professionals, so you don't have to keep your own. It is cheaper and better.

You can order the following EABD business support services:

  • lawyers (consulting, drafting any agreements, entering global markets),
  • intellectual property (IP) lawyers - registration, contracts, protection,
  • optimisation lawyers who help to choose the right jurisdiction for the company and create a tax optimisation model,
  • business engineers who help you create an innovative idea and turn it into a product-system solution,
  • methodologists who help you create a methodology and service programme,
  • naming and branding specialists,
  • marketing consultants who create a marketing plan for you,
  • marketers, copywriters and journalists who implement this plan,
  • designers who create the entire visual concept of the brand - from the logo to the brand book,
  • copywriters who write articles and sell texts,
  • PR specialists who work with you to create public relations,
  • SMM, SEO, etc. advertisers to set up your online advertising,
  • IT specialists who create websites and landing pages for you,
  • web designers who create the style of the website,
  • franchise specialists who teach you how to pack your product into a franchise step by step,
  • sales specialists who set up your account,
  • CRM specialists,
  • digitalisation specialists,
  • specialists in automation and business processes,
  • HR specialists,
.... and many other professionals.
1 hour - 100 euros
Initial consulting *.

Your specialist business consultant will assess the types of work and the timeframe for completion during the first consultation.