Collective membership for up to 3 people, including the owner;

Business newsletters about offers and business opportunities;

The ability to order the EABD business newsletter from your company;

Participation in EABD VIP business meetings;

Participation in EABD business delegations;

Participation in the annual Global Business Forum BIGBRANDS;

Participation in the Global Businessmen Council to organise global conferences;

Business Angel status and participation in Global Venture Capital Startup Forums;

Participation in the World Startup Championship to support young innovators with subsequent PR promotion to jury members, investors and business angels;

Access to grants to expand business opportunities;

Access to grants for franchise consultations;

Participation in EABD Business Tours without registration fee;

Participation in Business Camps for business families without a registration fee;

Access to business education for all family members (optional);

Access to live business meetings (on request);

Access to business coaching;

Access to business consultations;

Access to business mentoring;

Guaranteed 20%+ discounts on all additional services of the EABD;

Access to closed meetings of the EABD Council, IMF, SWCC (if available);

Monthly SMM PR for the partner company (based on the articles provided);

Cross-branding of partners (exchange of logos on websites);

Opportunity to speak at the main forums of the year;

Opportunity to showcase your promotional video (up to 1 minute) at the main forums of the year;

Direct representation of the partner (brandwall, promotional materials, expo space) at the main forums of the year.